5 Benefits of SHARP Plasmacluster Air Purifier

5 Benefits of SHARP Plasmacluster Air Purifier
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Plasmacluster Ions Clean the Room Air

  • Removal of Airborne Mold 
  • Reducing Growth of Adhering Mold 
  • Suppressing the Activity of Airborne Viruses
  • Suppressing the Activity of Adhering Viruses 
  • Suppressing the Activity of Airborne Microbe 
  • Suppressing the Activity of Airborne Allergens from Dust Mite Feces and Remains 

Plasmacluster Ions and Air-Purification Technology Remove Haze

It was proven by SHARP`s Plasacluster Ion and Air Purifying Technology Has the Effect on Haze in Collaboration with University Putra Malaysia .The study found that a harmful substances such as , pentanone is included organic chemicals in HAZE.

  1. Plasmaclsuter Ions reduce 98% of Toluene and 70% of Pentanone . 
  • Test Result : After 24 hours , 91% of toluene and 44% of pentanone were removed , increasing to 98% and 70% after 48 hours. 
  • Air-Purification Technology Removes 99% of Haze Particles .
  • Test Result : The air purifiers each required approx 30 minutes to remove 99% of haze particles .

Reduction of Static Electricity

Reducing Static Electricity

Removing Stubborn Odors with Plasmacluster

  • Breakdown and Elimination of Clinging Odors 
  • Breakdown and Removal of Clinging Cigarette Odor 
  • Spot Deodorization of Sweat Odor Clinging to Clothing in Approx. Six Hours 
  • Spot Deodorization of Damp-dry Odor on Clothes Drying Indoors in Approx.Three Hours 

Skin-Beautifying Effects of High Density Plasmacluster Ions

  • Beautifying Skin with a Lustrous Sheen

  • Test result : An effect of providing luster to skin after 20 minutes of operation was verified .

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