What is Vitamin Factory?

What is Vitamin Factory?
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'' Sunlight in your refrigerator ''


    LED sunlight found only in Mitsubishi refrigerator`s ''Vitamin Factory '' acts on chlorophyll (the green substances in leaves )in vegetables . It stimulates the food manfacturing process (photosynthesis). Water and carbon dioxide is generated to produce reducing sugars such as glucose . Reducing sugars are the life energy sources of vegetables.

    The freshness you see in vegetables are due to the content of reducing sugars in them .The more reducing sugars present in vegetables, the longer they last . They are also the source for producing various nutritional substances in vegetables such as Vitamin C and polyphenol.

''Improved Freshness ''

  • Many people stock up on vegetables , but commonly share a deep concern about keeping vegetables garden-fresh.

  • Preserves 'Reducing Sugar'

    Our refrigerator also preserve the structure of vegetables by keeping low-temperature damage and spoilage under control.

  • 6x Chlorophyll Retention

    With the ability to promote and preserve chlorophyll production , vegetables truly taste as good as it looks .

''Improved Nutrition ''

  • Vitamin C increases Approximately 15%

    The orange illuminator of our LED light energises and activates vegetable nutrients , causing an increasing in Vitamin C.

''Comparison of vitamin factory and conventional compartment''

  • Mitsubishi Electric`s Vitamin Factory and Conventional Compartment

    Even when the refrigerator doors are closed , the illuminating LED light will keep operating to increases vitamin values and sustain the nutrients in your greens .

  • Conventional Vegetable Compartment

    The light in most refrigerators are automatically turned off when the doors are closed.

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