Euway Electrical creates an extensive collection of home appliances that constantly evolves to fit the needs of customers. Our company was set up in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia with its operation growing tremendously each year. To ensure our inventory is top of the line, we collaborate with the best brands and designers in the industry. If you would like to order any products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

5 Benefits of SHARP Plasmacluster Air Purifier

17 Jun
Plasmacluster Ions Clean the Room Air Removal of Airborne Mold  Reducing Growth of Adhering Mold  Suppressing the Activity of Airborne Viruses Suppressing the Acti [...]

How to Remove Static Electricity

17 Jun
Removing Static Electricity In The Home  Static electricity is more active when the air is dry, especially in the winter months when people heat their houses, further r [...]

What is Vitamin Factory?

17 Jun
'' Sunlight in your refrigerator '' LED SUNLIGHT LED sunlight found only in Mitsubishi refrigerator`s ''Vitamin Factory '' acts on chlorophyll (the green substances in leave [...]

Buying TVs? Here are the things you should know!

17 Jun
Before buying a tv, here are the 3 things you have to consider ! Screen sizes  Whether you're looking for a basic or high-performance TV, the biggest factor in your dec [...]

How to choose a right range hood ?

17 Jun
6 Benefits of Range Hood They provide extra lighting to the space you cook in, which aids in prep safety. They contribute to keeping your kitchen cleaner – if smoke ga [...]

Tips for proper fabric care

17 Jun
Different fabrics in your wardrobe require varied care - lumping everything together will ultimately result in heartbreak when you take clothes out of the dryer, only to fin [...]

Advantages of Dishwasher.

11 Jun
There has been an on-going debate over whether it is better to wash dishes by hand or with a machine. While there are many who believe that hand washing is better for the en [...]

How to maintain your Dishwasher in 15 minutes!

11 Jun
Have you wondered whether you should clean your dishwasher but you weren't sure how to do it? Dishwashers last longer and run more efficiently when they are properly maintai [...]
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